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Electrical Safety in Manufacturing - Checklist

According to OSHA, electrocutions are one of the “fatal four” — the leading causes of fatalities in the workplace. As a manager, it is important that you are consistently performing safety audits to help protect workers from common electrical hazards. There are three areas that an audit can help identify unsafe worker practices, unsafe equipment, and an unsafe working environment.

The below checklist will help you perform a basic audit on your facility.

  • Employees are trained in the recognition of electrical safety hazards in the workplace

  • Employees can identify the type and magnitude of energy used in the workplace and how they can control and isolate it safely

  • All enclosures are properly secured if not in use

  • All proper lockout/tagout (LO/TO) procedures are consistently followed

  • Dangerous equipment is properly laid out ensuring a safe environment for all employees

  • All plugs, sockets, and electrical fittings are sufficiently robust for use in the facility

  • All electrical fuse/junction boxes in the factory are securely fixed, closed, and undamaged

  • Lugs/Connections properly torqued

  • All cables or wires have the proper casing

  • Electrical equipment is properly grounded to prevent electrocution or fire

  • Electrical wires are not present in damp areas or standing water

  • Electrical wires are not obstructing aisles or passageways

  • Visible electrical wires securely fixed

If you are unable to confidently answer these questions, then it may be time to consult with an expert. Consider hiring an electrical contractor over an electrician. Electrical contractors can perform work that is related to the design, installation, and maintenance of the electrical system. The type of electrical system that they work on or with doesn’t matter; the work that they do does. Electrical contractors are responsible for ensuring that those systems work effectively, safely, and most of the time in an environmentally friendly way. There are few projects that won’t need an electrical contractor to make sure everything works, and all safety requirements are met.

One of the differentiators of Current Electric is our ability to utilize infrared thermal imaging to detect hot spots and other defects. This will help to quickly identify safety hazards and help to tackle the most critical of issues.

About Current Electrical Services

Current Electrical Services is an electrical contracting company that stands above the rest. We are a customer-centric, safety-first organization focused on providing first-class solutions. When you choose Current, you are choosing a partner in business.

We take pride in our work and complete every project to the highest standards – our customers! Excellent project management means much more than delivering on time, budget, and project scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what's needed to stay on track for success. When projects are appropriately managed, there's a positive impact that reverberates beyond delivery.

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