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Expert Electrical Services for Educational Facilities

Customer-Centric and Focused on Providing You with First-Class Electrical Solutions

The team at Current Electrical Services has the technical expertise and certified electricians to accomplish your goals. We provide telecommunication, general maintenance, and retrofit electrical services for any educational facility, from K-12 to large university campuses. 

As an educational facility, we understand you need an uninterrupted power supply for your students and staff. That's where our team comes into play. We have the trained staff to support you on larger jobs allowing you to complete them faster and giving the on-site electrician more time to focus on the big picture. 

In addition, we also provide service upgrades, helping your facility save money on their electrical output. Our team can complete full LED lighting retrofits and even install electric charging stations for students and staff.


Take a look at our case study and how we supported a university in Wisconsin!


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Contact our team with any questions or concerns. We look forward to partner with you on your next project.

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