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Current Electrical Services Provides Electrical Services for Wisconsin College

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

At Current Electrical Services, we are proud of our troubleshooting abilities and creative approach to problem-solving. When other electrical service companies tell a customer a particular job can’t be done, we welcome the opportunity to prove them wrong. As a result, we’ve saved countless customers thousands of dollars by developing economical solutions to their electrical problems.

Our team understands that schools and universities have unique electrical needs and require a substantial amount of energy to remain up and running. In addition, we acknowledge that every school’s layout is different – requiring them to have different electrical systems. At Current Electrical Services, we specialize in outfitting our customers with electrical systems customized to their specific needs.

The Challenge: Limited Capabilities

Our customer, a college in Wisconsin, reached out to us nearly five years ago after being referred from another one of our customers at the time. They were initially looking for some simple service call type of assistance when troubleshooting their service panel and fixing lights. Current Electrical Services provided the manpower to complete the work and gave the on-site electrician more time to focus on the big picture and prioritize work orders and align to their budget. In addition, the customer lacked persons for tasks that required multiple hands on deck, such as pulling wire or lifting heavy equipment.

“By bringing us in as a subcontractor, our customer was essentially able to give their on-site electrician time to focus on the bigger picture,” Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

The Solution: Augment the Workload

Current Electrical Services was responsive and worked with the customer to fulfill their service call requests in a timely manner. Our team was flexible and could respond much quicker than, say, a larger company if an emergency came up. It didn’t take long for the customer to inquire about our additional services, and they eventually decided to enlist our help for various electrical projects around their campus. In addition, because Current Electrical Services has long-term relationships with many of our suppliers, we could provide the customer with discounted material prices and offer those savings to them.

“Our relationship works out well because they want to limit the amount of construction that goes on during regular school sessions. When school is out of session during breaks and holidays, we ramp up our guys and do a lot of work then to accommodate their schedule,” Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

The Results: Successful Projects

Over the years, Current Electrical Services has introduced various service offerings to the customer and completed multiple unique projects with successful outcomes. For example, we executed LED lighting upgrades in their buildings, which included designing the light fixtures, providing options for protestations, presenting different lighting options, and discussing the cost-effectiveness of each. We also focused largely on the energy aspect for this project, ensuring the customer received the credits and return on investment.

We have performed service upgrades to many of their buildings which has proved to be much more cost-effective and time-effective for their team rather than doing it themselves. Current Electrical Services was also able to assist the customer with telecommunications work by cleaning up and organizing their existing wiring, as their previous contractor wasn’t a great fit for them. Our team mapped out all of the wirings, allowing their IT personnel to simply pull up a PDF on their computer to know exactly where to go to fix any issues that arise.

In addition, Current Electrical Services helped the customer with electrical projects having to do with their monuments, signage, landscape lighting, streetlights and upgraded their fire alarm system.

“We have a strong safety culture, we’re team players, and are responsive. When it comes to expectations, we do what we say we’re going to do,” Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

With so many students, faculty, and staff frequenting school and university property each day, having an uninterrupted power supply is crucial for daily operations. You can trust Current Electrical Services for your school electrical system project.

About Current Electrical Services

Current Electrical Services is an electrical contracting company that stands above the rest. We are a customer-centric, safety-first organization focused on providing first-class solutions. When you choose Current, you are choosing a partner in business.

We take pride in our work and complete every project to the highest standards – our customers! Excellent project management means much more than delivering on time, budget, and project scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success. When projects are appropriately managed, there’s a positive impact that reverberates beyond delivery.

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