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Why You Should Never Ignore These 5 Electrical Best Practices

Electrical best practices are a set of standards and guidelines that technicians and engineers use to ensure safety when working with electrical systems. These best practices cover a wide range of topics, from the design and installation of electrical systems to the maintenance and operation of these systems. While some of these best practices may seem obvious, others are not so well known. Ignoring any of these best practices can lead to serious consequences, such as electrocution, fires, and high energy bills. Make sure that you always follow these 5 electrical best practices to stay safe and avoid any potential accidents.

1) Always use the correct size and type of wire for your application.

2) Make sure that all electrical connections are secure and free of corrosion.

3) Use the proper size and type of fuse or circuit breaker for your application.

4) Never operate an electrical device or system that is not properly grounded.

5) Do not overload electrical circuits.

These best practices are important because they help to ensure safety when working with electrical systems. Ignoring these best practices can lead to unnecessary and quite frankly serious consequences. So where do you start to make sure your team and operations is following these?

1) Read and understand all the manufacturer’s instructions before using any electrical device or system.

2) Be sure to follow all safety rules and regulations when working with electrical systems. - If you are not sure how to properly use or maintain an electrical device or system.

3) When in doubt, have an electrical partner you can turn to be on the safe side.

The first best step you can take to ensure you are not ignoring these best practices is to audit the facility. Current Electrical Services can be a trusted partner to help you establish best practices for your facility and train your team to identify potential hazards on an on-going basis.

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