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Current Electrical Services Offsets Energy Usage for the City of Appleton

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

If you didn't know, solar power is on the rise across America. Organizations around the country are driving the adoption of solar energy, and they've only just begun tapping into its potential. Organizations dedicated to a more sustainable future are setting the pace for solar growth and they see benefits across the board, including environmental, financial, and more.

At Current Electrical Services, we understand that companies can lead by example in the shift to clean energy by taking advantage of the physical assets they have the most control over: their land and buil

dings. For example, installing solar panels on a roof employs underutilized space to reduce energy costs and generates a return on investment. Our goal is to help support our customers in all stages of their solar panel installation projects.

The Challenge: Making the Move to Solar

Our customer, the City of Appleton, was looking to install solar on the roof of their municipal service building, as it was an excellent way for them to utilize some unused space. One of the most attractive benefits of solar power for them was the potential for lower energy bills.

In addition, unlike coal-fired electrical plants, solar energy produces no harmful emissions. Therefore, using solar power instead of their municipal power supply could help reduce the production of greenhouse gases that harm the environment and contribute to common health problems.

"The City of Appleton is a green community and has undertaken ambitious energy efficiency measures, saving money for the city and reducing their carbon footprint. We are proud that they turned to us for their solar needs," Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

The Solution: Leading the Way

Our team won the bid for the project, as we have experience installing similar systems, and we had a working relationship with the City of Appleton prior. Current Electrical Services was awarded the project in May 2021 and the project kicked off in September 2021. We installed a 300-kilowatt system on the top of their roof to offset their energy usage and finished within three months. Current Electrical Services worked hand in hand with the customer to ensure long lead materials did not affect the overall project schedule.

"We were able to install this without affecting their operations. Being that it was the City of Appleton's service building, it's essentially a large garage that houses all their vehicles that keep the city running. We were able to plan the work without disrupting any of their operations which was a huge value-add to them," Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

The Results: Cost Savings and Increased Cashflow

The City of Appleton was thrilled with the outcome of the project. Our team tied optimizers onto the solar panels, allowing them to monitor in real-time how much the modules are producing daily. As a result, the City of Appleton can now pull reports to see how much power has been saved, as well as how much money the system has saved for the city.

“I see this customer relationship continuing to grow and prosper. In fact, Current Electrical Services is working with the City of Appleton on future projects,” Jesse Metko, Owner of Current Electrical Services

Current Electrical Services offers solar panel installation services to clients throughout Wisconsin and the surrounding area. We firmly believe that when people choose renewable energy, like solar power, they are making a decision to save them money and help the environment. As an experienced solar panel installer, we have the dependable services you need to add solar panels to your commercial property.

About Current Electrical Services

Current Electrical Services is an electrical contracting company that stands above the rest. We are a customer-centric, safety-first organization focused on providing first-class solutions. When you choose Current, you are choosing a partner in business.

We take pride in our work and complete every project to the highest standards – our customers! Excellent project management means much more than delivering on time, budget, and project scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what's needed to stay on track for success. When projects are appropriately managed, there's a positive impact that reverberates beyond delivery.

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