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General Contractor Looks to Current Electrical Services for Design-Build Expertise

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Unlike the bid-build delivery method, the design-build delivery method brings design and construction functions together as one team under a single contractual entity to the owner. At Current Electrical Services, we see this as a very clear, undeniable advantage. Our team offers design-build services for both new construction and renovations, and our customers have experienced several benefits since utilizing them.

One such customer, a Wisconsin-based general contractor, was looking for a reliable and efficient partner to assist them with a remodel project. Having worked with Current in the past, they knew we’d be able to complete the project and deliver results that both they and the owner would be thrilled with.

The Challenge: Multiple Tenants, Multiple Requirements

One of the greatest advantages of design-build is that our team and the owner are in it together, and we have the same goal – to complete a successful project that exceeds the owner’s expectations. In addition, as the design-builder, we are accountable for the entire project, including the quality of the design, how the end result looks, the total costs, and how quickly construction can be completed.

The customer’s project consisted of a full remodel of a 9,000 sq. ft. office complex. The finished project would allow five tenants in the building, all of whom had varying requirements for their spaces, including lighting, telecommunications, parking lot lighting, and other specifications. Meeting the unique needs of five separate tenants while also keeping the owner happy is an intimidating undertaking; however, Current was up for the challenge.

The Solution: From Concept to Completion

During every stage of the project, our team was there to empower and collaborate with each tenant. Clear and effective communication channels were established as early concepts were created. This allowed us to streamline the process throughout the duration of design and construction. Using AutoCAD, we provided drawings for each tenant to review, giving them a better idea of the end result before we built it out. The drawings included elements such as light fixtures, outlets, electrical equipment, server racks, and more.

“If we have the opportunity to design the project with the customer upfront from the initial idea and concept like we did in this case, it helps them to see the bigger picture,” said Jesse Metko, President of Current Electrical Services. “Once the design is drawn, we can optimize it for them. As a result, we’ve saved our customers a lot of money changing out materials and playing around with different scenarios to best fit their requirements.”

The Results: A Successful Outcome

Current Electrical Services completed the project on time and within budget while meeting all the unique requirements of each of the five tenants and wowing the owner. Our customer and the owner were thoroughly impressed with Current’s willingness to help the tenants through the process of making decisions and planning for the future, as well as our ability to self-perform all the work. Through brainstorming, collaboration, trust, mutual respect, and shared leadership, Current delivered remarkable results.

To learn more about design-build and how it could be a solution for your next project, contact our team at Current Electrical Services today!

About Current Electrical Services

Current Electrical Services is an electrical contracting company that stands above the rest. We are a customer-centric, safety-first organization focused on providing first-class solutions. When you choose Current, you are choosing a partner in business.

We take pride in our work and complete every project to the highest standards – our customers! Excellent project management means much more than delivering on time, budget, and project scope; it unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project, and gets everyone on the same page of what's needed to stay on track for success. When projects are appropriately managed, there's a positive impact that reverberates beyond delivery.

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